In these unpredictable times, the demands on families are increasing with each passing year. This is having an adverse effect on the quality and time parents are spending with their children.

Mengineering® supports schools, community organisations and companies in designing and running father & son retreats.

Mengineering® will do all the planning and all the hard work, so fathers get to enjoy the quality time spent bonding and sharing experiences with their son(s) through a mix of structured and unstructured activities.

Father involvement is positively linked with children’s overall life satisfaction, wellbeing and mental health. In particular, sons whose fathers are involved are more likely to feel connected to them, are better able to handle new and unfamiliar situations, can manage stressful situations, and are more supported and eager to explore their environment.

Sons with connected fathers are also more likely to experience:

• Higher levels of self-reported happiness.

• Higher levels of confidence.

• Fewer feelings of fear and guilt.

• Less emotional distress and upset.

• Support, guidance, personal & social development and learning.